Love’s Sorrow

They continue to babble

And run their mouths

Romanticising normal gestures

They shout: “Oshey goals

In love they claim to be

But this love has no meaning

Oh, what they did for love

These walls mustn’t hear

Oh, how they treasured this love

The love that got blown by the headwinds

They tended so much to their love

Alas, it still became bitter

Pitter, Patter

They fell out of love

So much time they invested in this love

But in the end they wasted money

“All things will pass but love will prevail”

Another facade

Another myth

And another fairy tale for the next generation to fall for

And here I am

Bracing myself for the sorrow to come

The bitter after taste

Of this love that was once so genial.

  • * I hope you enjoyed this as my first post. I was inspired to write this after listening to Fritz Kreisler’s Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow). If you enjoyed this, please don’t hesitate to like and share. Thank you!
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