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Somewhere in beautiful, sunny Meereen

He’d really begun to relish this particular drink of late. Although it was composed predominantly of grapes, the juice had a piquant quality courtesy the generous sprinkling of cut chilies. “Ah…this is the life, Varys. Ruling has been far less cumbersome than I’d thought it would be.”

“I must admit, my lord. Not even I could have foreseen the ease with which you’d acclimatize to Meereen…or the Meereenese”, remarked Varys with a wry smile. The sweetling who’d so far been caressing Tyrion’s legs made her way north, servicing Tyrion with a fervor that made it imperative for him to set aside his glass. It would be a while before Varys got a response from him.

“Staying away from the wine seems to have had the desired effect, my lord”, Varys quipped later. Tyrion wiped the sweat off his forehead and nodded in agreement, “Indeed. Although it would be criminal not to acknowledge the role Shanaya and her angel sisters have played in resurrecting the Giant of Lannister.” He smirked, gently running his fingers through the hair of his companion.

“Do you miss it Varys?” He asked before realizing it was probably rude to ask.

Varys shot him a reproachful look, before rolling his eyes and responding, “One doesn’t spend much time thinking about what one has never had”.

Tyrion sat up. “Why Varys, it is precisely what one has never experienced that often keeps one awake at night.” Oddly, he found his mind wandering to Daenerys.

He wondered where the Mother of Dragons had disappeared. She’d left him a year ago, with the “duty” of ruling over what was essentially paradise. With every passing day, the probability of her return dwindled, as did the need for Tyrion to join her in her quest to conquer the stinking, overcrowded shit-hole that was Kings’ Landing.

Why did that hideous chair have such an inexorable hold over people? So many had died trying to claim it, killing countless others as a consequence.

Tyrion looked at Varys, hoping to ask his thoughts on this, but found that the eunuch had fallen into a lazy slumber. Winter may be coming, Tyrion thought…But one could scarcely feel its presence here in Meereen.

Armed with this comforting thought, Tyrion smiled as Shanaya put a leg around him, and dozed off himself.