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​As of lately, I only read on the days when I know I need to post. So you are truly getting the most up-to-date information about my progress with this book.

I think I made a decision about this book too soon. Like I said before, I feel like I am on a roller-coaster ride when I am reading because of the highs and lows of the story. At some points of the book, it is so hard to read because the story drags on and at other moments, I am filled with excitement and hungry for more.

That’s what I feel now. The story is picking up, and I am at the part where Clyde goes joy riding with his friends, only to be involved in a hit and run and a car accident. Of course he is able to leave the scene with minimal injuries but now he has to run away from the cops. And don’t forget his work. He is late for work so he is probably going to lose his job because as Dreiser described, his boss he is a stickler for rules.

While reading I sat up, starting smiling and my mind was going crazy with imagination. I could see the scene perfectly, with Clyde hiding behind the bush from the witnesses, listening closely and then crawling away to stay hidden.

Ohhh it’s getting juicy and this is the stuff I like. Somehow I thought that the whole book was going to be like this and though I was quite rash in deciding how I feel about the book, I will give it a chance now.

Again, it is getting so good.

I am finally on to book two of the story and here we go again with the long winded introduction. I get it though … Dreiser is setting up the scene to hit me with another one. But I just wish that he remained consistent because I don’t like the monotonous sections of the book.

Here is what I speculate. Since Clyde is on the run, and since Dreiser is now introducing his extended family into the picture, I assume that Clyde will run to them for safety. In which case, the family is already described as snobby and elitist so they may say no to him at the door. However, they might also decide to help him –if Clyde lies about why he is there. Then, Clyde’s fate will be changed. But then again the story is called An American Tragedy so it can’t be that easy for Clyde.

Isn’t his life is supposed to fill with many misfortunes and ultimately the end of his life?

Who knows. All I can ascertain is that something big is going to happen with Clyde and his extended family and that will bring the story to a climax and I am here for all that.

For your record I am on page 154 of 856 and though I am still far from the ending, I am making progress.

What do you think about this section of the book? Comment below! Don’t be stingy with your thoughts!

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