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Alexander Hollins
Jan 1 · 2 min read

Hello! You are probably seeing this page after reading one of the stories I have up on Medium, and looking at my profile or clicking the link at the bottom of the story. I write a lot of different things in a lot of different categories, so I decided to make this public page in order to list them out, and give you an idea of what you might find to your liking!

Workplace Wonderings : These stories are non fiction reminiscence of things that happened to me on the job. I’ve had a lot of different jobs, though most were call centers. I’ve worked fast food, bag boy and later deli at a grocery store, for a few glorious years I did statistics and reporting for a school district. And I seem to attract… interesting coworkers and customers. And I’ve had lots of fun encounters with HR.

  • How I saved a Life : When knowledge of EM radiation helped me to save someone’s life, and almost get fired for it. (8 min read per Medium)
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time : That time that HR was mad at ME for someone else stealing my food from the break room. (5 min read per Medium)

Short Stories: Fiction stories that are either already published, and rights have reverted to me, or that I don’t intend on submitting to publishers for various reasons.

  • Telepathillogical , Or Did You Hear What They Said About Our Marlene’s Telepathy? And who Grandma left the good china to? : This short story was inspired by a twitter comment by one of my favorite authors, and has a tongue in cheek discussion about sci fi vs fantasy, through the lens of a certification program for telepaths. I put a lot of subtle references in this one, if you think you caught one, let me know in the comments! (9 min read per Medium)

Personal Ponderings : Essays on things that matter to me, or make me wonder. Likely a mix of fiction and non fiction, personal anecdotes here may be spiced up a touch.

  • On Hamilton, and the meanings of Father and Son : Thoughts on fatherhood, and how the words father and son can feel dirty, but become clean again. (4 Min read per Medium)
  • The Man in the Mirror : content warning for physical dysphoria. I shaved my beard. And realized a truth about myself I never realized in the past. (4 min read per Medium)

Serial Novels : I used to write serial novels. I intend to start again. Any serials that I publish here will get their own header below

Artistic Assertions : Talking about art! Webcomic and serial novel reviews, music reviews, talking about paintings or sculptures that catch my fancy. There may be some crossover here with Rhyming Reasons, as I have a tendency to write poems about or inspired by pieces of physical art.

Rhyming Reasons : I write poetry. Hopefully you enjoy that kind of thing?

Alexander Hollins

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