TI:ME Tries To Kill When You Look At It!

I was in an Uber on my way to work. I was getting late and looking constantly at my watch. It was regular. People get late and look at their watches. It was when the clock ticked 10:00, I felt frozen. It was when I really looked at the watch, I felt like time killed me for a moment. Why did it happened?

It’s becuse I tried to expose it. It’s because it got afraid. It’s because time is your enemy. A perpetual one. You’ll always be fighting with it as long as you are alive. The interesting thing is it beats most of us. And it beats us on a daily basis.

Time is like an invisible enemy. You are constantly at war with it but you don’t have any idea until you stop and look at it.

That’s why it wins. It does nothing. Indeed, it beats you. Beats you till death. It’s when you really look it at, it tries to attack you.

Time knows about you and it treats you exactly like you treat it.

“I don’t have much time.”

That’s when time treats you like its slave.

“I have all the time in this world.”

That’s when time starts to punish you.

“I don’t waste time. I control it.”

That’s when time starts to fear from you.
Time is on a never ending journey. But it manages to steal from itself and come back to tease you repeatedly.

Like the Road Runner does to Wile E. Coyote.

Time sees you in all parts of life. It sees you in birth. In death. In happiness. In grief. In success. In failure. Time is always with you but it’s not with you.

Time and life are relative. You don’t live much if you are not living at the rate of time. Time always tries to get ahead of you. You live your life to the fullest when you try to compete with it. When you look right into its face. When you challenge it right away.

It’s simple math but most of us don’t get it right.

So, how can we beat it?

You can’t beat it. No one has ever beaten it. Not you, not Einstein, not gravity. Time is eternal. It’s fast. Darn fast. You must keep up with it. You must challenge it. You must look into it’s face and you must not get defeated by it.

And you must not stop until you become master of it!

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