An Integral, but Unwanted Part of Achieving Your Dreams: Leap Year 43

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Welcome back to the Leap Year, where I share helpful tips on how you can finally take the “Leap” and pursue and discover what you are passionate about in the face of everyday challenges. In W43, I learned an integral, but often unwanted, part of achieving your dreams.

Here is my original post:

W43 was one of the most challenging weeks to complete, even after all the strategies I learned and applied to overcome procrastination and other everyday challenges. It took multiple Implementation Intentions and asking myself what a “Pro” would do in similar situations. The key was, I showed up and completed the weekly task to keep the streak going at 43 straight weeks.

Like I said above, it took me until late Sunday night to complete everything, as I am in the third week of traveling, living out of suitcases, and dealing with the daily challenges of taking care of both my wife and 16 month old son.

My wife and I have learned traveling with babies/infants/toddlers is no joke! I want to thank her so much as she has helped me out so much in these last three weeks. The fact I completed the weekly task is in huge part due to her efforts.

Although I can look back at the week now and be proud I was able to complete the weekly task, I also want to share that I had my moments of doubt. Thoughts like

It is ok, you can take a week off. You have already done so well.

played on repeat in my mind. To be honest I almost gave in as the stress of attending to the Leap Year process and the daily challenges was quite stressful.

Obviously the stress came from the thought of completing the weekly task and all the items on the ever growing “To Do” list, but most of it came from uncertainty.

The uncertainty of knowing when I was going to complete the weekly task. The uncertainty of if I could keep the streak alive for another week. The uncertainty of what would happen if I did not complete the weekly task.

Last week I wrote about the negative emotions which arise from uncertainty: doubt and fear. The feelings caused by these emotions are enough to cripple you.

The key is to take action in these moments, as clarity comes from action! Additionally, a quote I learned somewhere in my Leap Year process kept popping in my mind during these less than calm times.

Trust that you will figure it out.

Senecea the Younger said

There are more things likely to frighten us, than crush us. We suffer more in imagination, than reality.

Think about it. What happened the last time you were faced with a situation which produced doubt and fear? Did you think about the million possible outcomes? All the terrible things that could happen? However, only to find out they never came true.

I have learned the path to your dreams will be hazy and unclear at times. There will always be a level of uncertainty in whatever you try and you will not have all the answers right away. Take a breath as it OK. Instead of worrying about every outcome which could happen

Trust you will figure it out.

Take a breath and have a bias towards action in these moments of uncertainty. This will allow you to figure out what to do next in any given situation.