DPA: Week #1

This year I have embarked on a journey to find more purpose in my life and truly do the things that bring me fulfillment. Although many of us have these desires, few of us rarely take action to to find out. Usually we say “I really want to find more purpose in my life or I really want to find my passion” in conversation with others, but then don’t think about it again until we find ourselves day dreaming at our job.

Many successful people have urged us to take on the pursuit of finding what we love to do. Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet are just a couple of proponents of this idea. Larry Smith, a famous economist, is another. He urges everyone to take the leap and find their passions in his humorous and informative TED talk “Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career.”

This is great advice, but the question is still HOW? Where do I start? What steps do I take? These were the questions that I always asked after watching a video like this or reading an article by a successful person suggesting to find a passion.

This led me to Discover, Pursue, and Achieve my dreams, or the DPA process for shot, this year.

I am going to share my weekly posts and share strategies to help you in starting your own DPA process.

First, we need to start and set a few parameters before we start. Why is that we often fail miserably with out new years resolutions? You can probably list off three quick reasons, but one huge thing I have learned is syntax matters.

We often make all the GOALS that we want to accomplish in a year the focus. This requires us to learn new habits and make dramatic changes to our daily lives, which in turn, can put a big strain on both our minds and bodies. Although we can make detailed action plans to map how to reach these goals, it is difficult for us to visualize ourselves achieving these results. This makes sense, as we are attempting to accomplish things we have never done, ie learning how to write a book, or not done in a very long time, ie be in better shape.

This is where syntax, or order, comes into play. Instead, what would happen if you made the YEAR the focus, and the goals that we accomplish in them secondary. First, it allows our brains to have a tangible picture of what we are trying to achieve. Second, it frees us from trying to feverishly reach certain milestones at specific times. Both help in reducing stress around making the decision to move forward in your DPA process.

But, you might ask “Great, I can see how making the year the focus will help, but what will you I do in the year, or better yet, what will I do a monthly or weekly basis?”

Answer…the focus of the year is to Discover, Pursue, and Achieve (DPA) your dreams and this is done on a weekly basis using the 52 in 52 model. Every week you plan an execute an activity that allows you to take one step closer to discovering, pursuing, or achieving your dreams.

For me, my DPA process started with my interest in self improvement. I guess ever since college I have been drawn to this genre of books, but never noticed until I analyzed my purchases on iBooks. Authors like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Zephan Moses Blaxberg, and Pat Flynn filled my digital book case. I have learned how to improve your spiritual self, health, DJ skills, be an entrepreneur, financial situation, and everything in between. This interest coupled with the fact that Megan, my lovely wife, and I discussed how we felt like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhogs Day” walking through the motions on a daily basis. This led me to an AHA moment and an idea. Why not write a book about how to discover and pursue your passions, while achieving your dreams through the act of completing 52 creative tasks in 52 weeks? Sounds great, but I forgot I do not know how to write a book and thought myself a below average writer at best. I almost accepted defeat before I started, but was reminded about the year being the focus and decided to take the first step.

In the coming weeks I will share share my learnings and strategies you can incorporate in your DPA process.

Without further ado, here is Week #1.


Goal: Find information on self publishing and start learning.

Planning: Search Facebook groups and Google.

Implementation: Found my pockets of free time and spent the time before the family was awake searching for information.

Reflection: Ok, this week was a little difficult to start and almost did not get completed, but I found a way to fit it in in the last two days of the week. The goal this week was to find a resource that could provide me information on self publishing. I was on Facebook in the The Miracle Morning Group, highly recommend becoming a member by buying the book, and saw a link to a SELF PUBLISHING online workshop by Chandler Bolt. It was perfect and actually provided me tons of information from those that have already published their own books.

Learnings: Felt good I was able to complete my first task and it did not take an overwhelming amount of time to do it.