How Can Embracing Fear Help You Achieve Your Dreams? : Leap Year W40

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Welcome back to the Leap Year, where I share helpful tips on how you can finally take the “Leap” and pursue and discover what you are passionate about in the face of everyday challenges. I gained a valuable lesson on how you can leverage emotions created by FEAR to achieve your dreams.

Below is my original post.

I have now completed 40 weeks of my Leap Year process, where I have completed at least 40 actions which have taken me closer to pursuing and discovering what I am passionate about in the face of everyday challenges.

Furthermore, other parts of my life are also falling into place and I am seeing the fruits of my labor. Although I am enjoying reaching these milestones, I have learned one must reflect and process how success was achieved, so it can duplicated in the future.

Other successful people such as Josh Waitzkin, the basis for the book and movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer” also validate this idea of reflecting on the process. He said

Value the process, before the results.

Additionally, Tim Ferris, a pioneer in lifestyle redesign, said

Focusing on what people accomplish without understanding their mindset leads to limited results.

Another person is Benjamin Hardy, a fellow write on Medium. In addition to publishing helpful weekly posts, he also is pursuing his Ph D in I/O Psychology, while also being a husband and a father to three foster kids. Definitely a person who is succeeding in pursuing and discovering what he is passionate about in the face of everyday challenges.

He wrote in his article “The Primary Barrier Stopping You From Everything You Want in Life” that there is only one thing stopping you from having the life of your dreams.

Well, what is it? Is it skill? Is it resources? Is it a coach? The perfect set of outer circumstances? Although these factors might help, none are the solution.

Benjamin mentioned a quote from Jack Canfield, the author of the NYT best selling book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, who said

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Benjamin agrees, but takes it one step further and says the only thing standing in your way of the life of meaning, fulfillment, success…your dreams is

AVOIDANCE of the feelings that cause you FEAR.

That is it! Think about it for a second, when was the last time you stopped pursuing something you truly wanted just because you did want to feel pain, discomfort, shock, boredom, awkwardness, being wrong, failing, looking stupid or simply because you were afraid?

I can definitely put my hand up here. The ironic thing is these are the same feelings we must endure along the path to success, yet the same feelings we constantly try to avoid on a daily basis.

Benjamin goes on to say 99% of people are not willing to feel difficult emotions on a regular basis, but could reach a level of satisfaction never thought possible if they did.

Tim Grover, the author of the book “Relentless” said,

When you crave the end result, the hard work becomes irrelevant.

And Benjamin says it perfectly when he said

…when the WHY is clarified and strong enough, you will be willing to do any HOW.

The great thing is the Leap Year process already helps you clarify the WHY for you…to be passionate about pursuing and discovering what you are passionate about. This means you will have to face these uncomfortable emotions along the way, but enduring them and still pushing forward will allow you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

It took me 40 weeks, but I finally understand feeling uncomfortable emotions are signals you are on the right path. Will this be easy, no! The key is to be aware they are a natural part of the process, and to find the courage to push through those them when they arise. This will allow you to dance with fear more regularly and reach the life of your dreams!

So, let’s dance FEAR!