Implementation Intentions: Leap Year W4

DPA = Discover, Pursue, and Achieve

Welcome back to the Leap Year, where I will share helpful tips on how you can finally take the leap and DPA your dreams. This week I share my insights from W4 of my Leap Year process, in which I learned a strategy that I still use consistently on a weekly basis. Interestingly enough, I accidentally learned this strategy just by taking actions and learned later on how it can help you follow through 2X to 3X more likely than you normally would. The strategy is called Implementation Intentions.

This strategy can help you overcome PROCRASTINATION and provides the steps to follow when you tell yourself “I CAN’T because I do not have enough time, or do not feel like it…

Early Scheduling = Implementation Intentions: This is a strategy that I credit to completing my tasks on time, and it was a huge benefit this week. In this strategy, you first PLAN to complete a task at a SCHEDULED time (day and time) in a specific location as early in the week as you can. More specifically you fill in the following statement.

I plan to [task] on [day] at [time] in [location].

Three benefits are produced from doing this. First, you get a sense of accomplishment if you complete the task in the beginning of the week at the scheduled time. In addition, it allows you to devout more time to do additional tasks to reach your goals within the same week. Second, it provides more time to complete the task if life presents you with something that needs to be attended to during the original scheduled time. Lastly, research shows that you are 2X to 3X more likely to follow through on your actions.

I learned about this strategy from James Clear, who is a great blogger that writes on the science of human behavior and how to build better habits. He shows the research on how Implementation Intentions help you follow through on your plans and achieve your goals.

Here is the post from week 4 of my Leap Year process.

Planning: This week I wanted to start organizing the ideas that I have been gathering about the book.

Implementation: This week I actually made two versions of the outline. I actually was able to make one on Tuesday, and made another version on Friday.

Reflection: A huge learning this week! Complete your PI (planning and implementation) earlier in the week. This way it allows you to feel more fulfilled, as you have completed them with time to spare in the week. Also, there is another benefit, as it gives you more time to make modifications and implement in the week. Lastly, I also learned that it is QUALITY over quantity. Often times, I feel that I have to do something for an extended period of time to make a significant impact, but I was able to complete my tasks in a short, focused amount of time. Thanks and see you next week.