Knockout Procrastination : Leap Year W12

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Hello from the road and welcome back to the Leap Year, where I share helpful tips on how you can finally take the “Leap” and Pursue, Discover, and Achieve your dreams. I am traveling and visiting family this week, but still wanted to share my insights from W12 of my Leap Year process, in which I started pairing strategies together. Although I might have been doing this in previous weeks, I did not process this until W12. Additionally, where one strategy is great, two paired together can help you form that 1–2 knockout punch to help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your way of achieving your dreams. This week I combined Implementation Intentions+ 2-minute rule.

These strategies helps you overcome PROCRASTINATION and provides the steps to follow when you tell yourself “I CAN’T because I don’t feel like doing it or I do not have enough time…

I have mentioned in an earlier post how using Implementation Intentions can help you follow through 2X to 3X more likely than you usually would. All you have to to is identify a [day] + [time] + [location] where you will complete a certain task. In addition, it is a great strategy to conserve will power on making decisions. Just by deciding that you are already going to do something at a given time avoids the inner battle to complete the task or not. The decision has already been made!

Although this sounds simple, we all have that inner voice that pops up and tries to convince us that “you can do it tomorrow” or “this once action will not make a difference.” This is where the 2-minute rule comes in to save the day. Just focus on the actions that take place in the first 2-minutes of your task and then complete them. For example, if you planned to go running on vacation on Tuesday at 4 PM on the beach and you are tempted to get a massage instead, just focus on putting on your shoes, changing your clothes, and grabbing your water bottle. Then complete these actions.

These strategies combined will allow you to overcome PROCRASTINATION and help you follow through on the actions that take you closer to pursuing, discovering, and achieving your dreams.

Here is my W12 post that was published on my Leap Year blog.

PLANNING AND SCHEDULING: This week I set out to finish the last video module on the self publishing site on tips about writing a book. Megan and I had a date night when I usually watch the module, so I scheduled in advance to watch the video during a planning time at school. As similar to other weeks, I uploaded the site to my web browser so it pops up automatically.

IMPLEMENTATION: I pre-committed and focused on the 2-minute rule this week. Pre-committing is a great strategy to conserve will power on making decisions. Just be deciding that you are already going to do something at a given time avoids the inner battle to complete the task or not. The decision has already been made. Although this sounds simple, there is that inner voice that pops up, and this is where the 2-minute rule comes in to save the day. I focused on the first 2-minutes of watching the video and writing the post and that in itself propels me to finish the tasks. With both of these strategies I watched the video on the scheduled time and am writing this post as Meggo and Tae are taking a nap.

LEARNING: This week I have been rethinking the idea about PIR and maybe changing it to PSILA, which stands for Planning Scheduling Implementation Learning and Actions. This fits more with what is guiding me on my weekly tasks and just feels right.

Additionally, I was able to come up with the hook for 52 in 52 after about three weeks of wrestling with it. An easy, sustainable way to discover, pursue, and achieve your DREAMS. This combines a lot of what I have learned from the first 12 weeks. For example, in week 10 Joanna Penn spoke about the process of discovering your passions and that really resonated with me. This statement will drive how I move forward with writing and completing the book.

Lastly, this week I had the pleasure to learn from Marisa Peer. Marisa is a best selling author of four books, a behavioral expert, and has been a therapist with olympic athletes and A-list celebrities. She had many great insights and they are listed below:

-Writing a book is like painting a picture. You are not quite sure at the beginning of the process, but then you draw a house and then a mountain and the whole canvas comes together. The same with a book, as you might start with chapter 2, 7, or even the conclusion and that will lead to filling in the periphery elements.

-If you want to sell books, write what READERS would like to read. Identify the problem and then work towards solving it.

-Three main things about the brain. 1)It does what you think you want it to do. 2)It responds to pictures in your head and words that you tell it. 3) It likes what is similar. The first two facts connect to what I have been learning about the power of visualization and affirmations. If you think or tell your self something enough times, it will come true.

-A couple of great quotes from Marisa:

“Your potential expands as you move towards your potential.”

This resonated with me, as often times we don’t know exactly how we will complete new tasks, but if you take the necessary steps you gain the necessary skills to complete the task in the end.

“The minute you commit to something providence works with you.”

This connects to what Rhonda Byrne wrote about with the Law of Attraction and the idea that when you start something the universe works with you.

“Belief with out talent will get you farther than talent with out belief, but if you have both you are unstoppable.”

This reminds me of what Will Smith talked about in an interview where he believes that he is not the most talented, but he possess a work ethic greater than anyone. He talked about getting on a treadmill and running until he beat the person next to him because he has that inner belief that he will last longer than the other person. In addition, it ties into what Jeff Goins said last week about how activity follows identity. Change your mindset first and then activity will follow.

-An important theme that kept coming up was the idea to have 100% faith in you self and to just start. This tied into a lot of what Marisa explained in the interview. She finished by saying you just don’t know until you start, so have faith and just start!

ACTIONS: The learnings from the week come at the perfect time as next week I will actually be starting to write. There were many great tips that I learned from Marisa, but the main one that I will incorporate is to have FAITH in my self that I can write this book and JUST START, as we don’t know until we start.