Track #2

People under the stairs are up their with my favourite hip hop duos of all time. Members Thes One and Double K’s production consists of sublime melodic samples over crisp breaks alongside expert scratching. I’ve seen them live twice in Brighton and London (Concorde 2 & The Jazz Cafe) and have yet to see a more interactive, energetic set since (at one point Thes One made a beat on the spot on his drum machine and proceeded to play it on a guy at the front’s head!). Anyway, enough chit chat, here is L.A. Daze, a tune that encapsulates the Latin influences of their home city sampling ‘Lost in Paradise’ by Sergio Mendes (1970). Don’t sleep on these two!

P.S. San Francisco Knights one of their more well known tracks on the same album (The Next Step) and is arguably the standout on the album. In terms of album recommendations it would have to be The Next Step, Question In The Form Of An Answer and O.S.T.

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