To Non-Christians: Why you should learn about Christianity

An article for truth seekers, atheists, agnostics, and my younger self.

Who this is for:
Serious thinkers who think Christianity is too stupid to give any piss.
1. If Christianity is fake, it's the best scam in our history.
2. You should know about the scam, it helps you to understand human.
3. Disclaimer: I am a Christian.

Yea. I know what’s in your mind. Christianity is a fable, and it’s at least apocryphal, if not stupid. Who’s going to believe a virgin can give birth? It’s way saner to think Jesus’s father had been cheated on and he was too naive to believe the otherwise. He was such a miserable man.

Let’s assume Christianity is nothing more than a delusional story.

If so, you should learn about Christianity now — it’s the most gargantuan fraud in the history of mankind. Understanding it would give you endless insights into humans’ mind: How we are deceived, manipulated, and our fear of death is exploited craftily?

This shit is packed with so much deceptive power. It’s wickedly admirable.

Christianity percentage by country — That’s quite a lot of people! Source:

People praise Steve Jobs for his reality distortion field that lures people to buy his products. But his degree of reality distortion was minuscule in the face of Christianity. He managed to convince about 700 million people to buy an iPhone, which is a well-built product, yet the latter duped 1/3 of world population to base their hope and life on nothing but a made up story. Who’s the master deceiver here?

Some statistics and facts would help to show how delusionally influential Christianity is. Out of the 7.2 billion people in the world, 2.4 billions of them are adherents, that’s a hell lot of people. Well, you could say half of the world population have IQ under 100, and they’re gullible because of their fear of death — Christianity provides a brainless and sweet answer, so they believed readily.

No. That’s not the case.

When I was an agnostic, I had the honor to have stayed in Oxford, one of the hubs for the brightest minds on the planet. I met so many people who are way more thoughtful and logically meticulous than myself. We had a lot of long-winded discussions. I wasn’t convinced by then — but at least I was impressed by the intellectual rigor of their cases. I tried to argue why it is more rational to stay agnostic, and I couldn’t convince them either. I came to the realization that arguments of both sides are based on antithetical assumptions about the world. These assumptions can hardly be proven true of false — and developing on these assumptions can result in either agnosticism, Christianity, or other religious stances. At least, I think Christianity is as rationally tenable as agnosticism. Anyway, I ain’t going to talk about the reasonings here — here we assume Chrisianity by no means is real, and there are loads of good resources for this purpose.

Some of the brightest minds in our history who are Christian: Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, and Rene Descartes

Well, you might ask: “who you are?” You’re just a random guy on the internet and why should I believe in your experience? Fine, fine. Let’s look at some objective facts. More than half (65.4%) of Nobel prize laureates are Christian. Christian sciencetists include pioneers in various scientific fields, including Galileo Galilei, René Descartes, Nicholas Copernicus, and other. Our world wouldn’t be the same literally without these great minds. Many atheists criticize Christianity for hindering scientific development, but ironically Christianity was one of the major impetus behind renaissance movement which directly led to the development of modern science, for those scientists endeavored to understand natural order because they believed the natural order was created by god, and therefore, is worth investigating. These chaps are not stupid people, for sure.

You may think that Christianity is stupid, but you can’t deny the fact that a substantial portion of the most intelligent people believed this “stupid” religion and these people are way smarter than you and me.

It’s creepy, isn’t it? Why did so many giants fell for this falsehood?

It’s a deception of uncanny power, for the fact that it hacks into the brightest minds. If you think of other cults: which cult has outspoken adherents in science? More of the adherents of these cults are chicks who believe offering their pussies to the cult leader would grant them entrance to heaven. The cleverest person in a cult is probably the cult leader, for he/she is smart enough to build a cult. But no, their cults don’t really work for sane people. Christianity, as a fraud, is fundamentally more powerful than all frauds in the history. There are so much to learn from it. If you’re keen to influence people, instead of reading The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump, or the renowned How to Win Friends and Influence People — learn Christianity, you’ll understand human manipulation at its best.

So — why don’t you start to learn about Christianity now? Not to believe it, rather, just to understand humans’ nature and vulnerabilities better.

Ah, by the way, don’t go to atheist memes Facebook page to learn about Christianity. It’s funny but not manipulative enough. Read the bible or C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity — these are way better.

So, shall we start learning?

Please think about it a minute or so, then read on

Don’t just scroll through… you need to really think for this to work…

“No. I don’t want to pick up the bible or learn anything about it.” — It this your thought?

Okay, let’s stop assuming Christianity is fake and do some reasoning here.

Christianity can only be either real or unreal. For both cases, you have plenty of reasons to understand it. Needless to say, if it’s real, you’re learning about the truth of the world and your life. If it’s unreal, it’s the best case study of human manipulation on an unparalleled scale.

“No… no still no… I don’t wanna read the bible…”

Can you figure out an answer to the “why” question? If not so, why you are reluctant?

Are decisions not to understand Christianity grounded on reasons? Hell no, unless you’re not interested in human at all.

I have shown compelling reasons why learning Christianity is a worthy investment in all cases (even if it’s fake). If you’re still not planning to learn about it, I doubt if your decision not so stems from something other than legit reasons.

It’s something else. You’re afraid.

“What if it turns out to be real?”
“What if it’s more than an unreasonable fable?”

Okay. Up to this point of the essay, I think you might have guessed correctly that I am a Christian. In fact, before I converted to Christianity, I had quite a long history of being an avid atheist and agnostic. I know that uneasy feeling when approaching Christianity. It was almost like a needle tickling on the softest spot of your mind: it was a combination of anxiety, unease, and fear directly towards your existential faculty of your mind, as if almost you hoped it so bad to be false. But where does the feeling that deters yourself from Christianity come from? As a Christian, I think maybe it’s the work of the devils. I know the readers of this essay are probably not Christians, though actually, I am not very sure about this, so please don’t accept my answer easily and start panicking for it.

But where do the feelings come from?

It doesn’t matter actually. But don’t you feel it’s quite dangerous to have some irrational biases stand amidst you and certain beliefs that is either true or at least overwhelmingly influential? It’s dangerous. You thought that you’re rationally neglecting Christianity, but you’re not (Unless you understand Christianity pretty well and decided to reject it, then the arguments in this essay don’t apply to you, and maybe you’re right :) ). You’re irrational and making decisions based on your likes and dislikes: you dislike Christianity, so you decide to stay away from it.

If the points in this essay resonate with you, and only if it does, you may want to give Christianity a serious kick. Learn it, and judge with the best of your rationality whether it’s the true religion or not. If you feel some irrational non-sense stands between you and Christianity, making you especially unwilling to learn it, try to ask for god’s help: say something like “God, I beg you to bestow me courage and wisdom to find the truth.”

I know you’re probably thinking “what the fuck… I won’t pray” now when I asked you to pray, feeling more reluctant than ever. It’s okay, it’s normal. I remberer I kept saying “What the heck I was doing?” to myself the first time I prayed.

You’ll lose nothing out of it even if Christianity is utter bullshit, you’re just stupid, and no worries, you’re no more stupid than many of the Nobel prize winners. I believe if you have the determination to find the truth and a disinterested heart, you’ll eventually get closer to the truth.

Don’t believe in Christianity. Find the truth. If the truth is in Christianity, you’ll believe in Christianity.

What’s next?

  • I recommend you to pick up the Mere Christianity book. It’s a pleasent and provoking read regardless you’re Christian or not.
  • Feel free to comment! I will share my journey to faith as best as I can. Challenges also welcomed :)
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