To Benjamin:

It’s 2:45 AM in Antioch. Just woke up from a long weed nap and I know I owe you a letter. From where I sit I can see the slow shift of a sky-tide spinning wisps of clouds up to filter the moonlight. It casts glows on the boyish charm of our sleeping city like ghost shadows.

And in comes soundtrack.

To your points: I have a new interface with social justice, Twitter put me on. Ferrari Sheppard, Shaun King, Deray, and the sources they reference provide stats and give exposure to specific truths that I had sensed, but only broadly, for a while. They seem reliable. Where do you get your information? I hate the keyboard activist thing I’m doing until I can do more, but it’s significantly more than the least I could do. I figure that as artists and appropriate, representative voices we can contribute. We can follow Kendrick’s lead, we can score the revolution — if so compelled.

On Sunday, the spare was flat. Like a Chevy in quicksand, haha…

In weekly trips to Oakland, me & Gabe chain smoke Newports in my Impala and listen to the greatest hits. I like “Momma” into “Hood Politics”, so we play that, and then I gotta show him Knxwledge beats, we freestyle prayers for my car. I think To Pimp A Butterfly was the most responsible thing Kendrick could’ve done as a Black rapper and I love him most for that, but what he did sonically… no words. When it dropped I tweeted that it was the most musical rap album I’ve ever heard, and I believe that. It subsumes the whole lexicon of Black American Music and then looks to the future. It kinda inspired this beat I made with my boy Jacob on the electric guitar. I played an improvised take on my bass, chopped some Internet drums, and flipped a Kenny G sample my mom showed me one day when she was pretending to like music. Unlike you I have been privileged to have a schedule for this work we do, but it looks like my time as a stay-at-home son are over. Another food job, selling smoked barbecue with extended family. We’re over by In-N-Out.

So much to talk about. Between this moment and the last, I have changed more than I’d ever changed in the sum of all moments preceding. You know I’m real dramatic, write back quick.

— Kameron

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