I’m not a religious person. I don’t believe in a supernatural being guiding us, or gods, and I most definitely don’t want to offend anybody when saying this. However, I do believe in Fate.

Fate is the idea that when something happens, it happens for a reason, whether that reason is known to us or not. It’s an explanation for the unexplainable, and it’s what I believe in.

My mum started the idea of Fate in my eyes, when we were away camping in Poole. I, eleven years old at the time, had a broken foot and a gigantic orange hard-cast, making our holiday very difficult… No beach, no swimming, no climbing. So we went on a day trip to a local village, and stopped at an arty cafe called Coffee Pots. Turns out it was a paint-your-own-pottery cafe, and we ended up painting a plate and mini pig ornament — but that’s not the point. We had a great time, our pottery was mailed to us, and we treasured it, when we got home a week later.

When looking for something to do, maybe a month or so later, mum took me and Gina down to a pottery shop in Lee on The Solent, with out family friends. We had even more fun, but the business was evidently not doing too well for itself. When we left, mum turned around to shut the door behind her, and noticed a sign in the window.

For Sale.

Now, my mum is a very impulsive person. In fact, she became an impulsive person when she bought the shop. (Spoilers.) I remember being in the car and phoning my dad on speaker phone, and mum telling him that we were going to buy a business on the High Street. Thank god he hadn’t objected, because it was one of the best things that ever happened to us.

Fast forward a couple of months, and the transactions are all in place, mum is learning how to run the shop as the business owner and me and Gina are running round with dishcloths, cleaning already-clean tables as ‘practice.’ We were both young, so I guess we thought of it as more of a game… Around November our whole family pitched into reconstruction, which the shop was definetely in need of. It was refurbished before long, and ready to go.

The customers came slowly at first, but with new ideas, quirks, and kindling the business, mum had a full-blown business, run completely by our family, which seemed to appeal to the public.

Back to the point of fate; I thank fate for bringing us the business. Fate, for making my mum turn around and see the For Sale sign. My mum called it Fate too, and when she opened the business, she had a chalkboard with ‘Do you believe in Fate?’ hanging on the wall, and people constantly queried it.

Even now, four or so years later, I thank Fate for everyday happenings. Me and my mum went shopping, and whilst looking for a place to park, we had to go up to nearly the highest floor just to find a spot. My mum said to me, ‘Oh well, it’s our fate that we’ll take the stairs,’ and we laughed. That’s what inspired me to write this post.

It may sound silly to some people, but it makes sense to me. It helps me a lot too, like during our exams not long ago, the stress easily got on top of me. But my parents would constantly remind me, fate will get me the grades I deserve. If I didn’t revise, it would be my fate to get lower grades than I wanted. It made sense.