What is driving the person behind the blog

As a newcomer to the blogging sphere, as a perpetual Internet lurker turned contributor and as someone who has been apprehensive to externalising to the commons, I thought it would be a good exercise for me to share a quick personal story and also give some context to essentially what drives me.

Well to start, I’ve been working with technology for around a decade now, often in the position of business and application development as well as technical education and communication to all stakeholders involved. Basically, the bridge between the scientists and technologists to business and societal actors.

In the beginning of my career I spent five years in with the Ontario energy provider in process and stakeholder management for the world’s first renewable smart grid. This was my first experience with making technology accessible to citizens, we were essentially co-creating the micro solar grid. Citizens were to invest in their rooftop solar panels and in return were to be handsomely compensated for the power they generated for the grid; soon debt would be recovered and profits would be made. But the top-down legislation, overwhelming beauracracy and lack of inclusion, coordination, oversight and perspective left many citizens in debt and unable to generate as well as taxpayers money wasted and the potential for solar energy and smart grid infrastructure crippled.

Frustrated but a bit wiser, I came to Denmark to hit the books again and studied my masters in International Business and Poltics where I concentrated in the global governance of science and technology. I focused on a ground up approach to governing; how can citizens participate and engage in the development of science and technology rather than being removed from this process and forced to adapt to new technological and scientific applications thrusted upon them by a handful of those in power.

This is my mission and the angle that I come from. How can we make technology more accessible to society and its development more inclusive? How can we foster citizen participation and engagement to develop science and technology by the people, for the people?

There are basic principles that I and others believe can help to advance this. Transparency, accountability, decentralisation, inclusion and consensus decision making are a few of those. I’ve worked with rebewable energy, biotechnology, medical technology and AI but when I came across blockchain my world stopped. Everything I believed in is embedded in the logic of the technology itself — it is the ultimate tool for citizen engagement and for good, inclusive governance in industry, the developement of technology and in how we build and shape our society for the better going forward. So I really haven’t looked back since, I co-founded and am the CEO of Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration to help bring this tool to the masses and to co-create these solutions in the areas they will have the most impact in. I also advocate and communicate this ‘blockchain logic’ as well as the technology itself.

I believe we’re at a point where the current paradigm is failing us as a society and we’re looking to redesign and rebuild the systems for the people and not the other way around. In the new paradigm, the only way forward will be to take responsibility and ownership of our personhood and come together to collectively build the world we want to live in. And when this task seems too daunting and overwhelming against the backdrop of what the world is today, I think of the little hummingbird that was trying to put out a forest fire with humble drops of water from its beak. In reply to the taunts of futility from the other forest animals, the hummingbird simply replied ‘I am doing what I can’.