What Lifestyle do you want?

A Corporate, Luxury, Soulful, Peaceful or humble more joyful one… the choice is yours by having a VISION and a DREAM…..

Creating a lifestyle that you love and enjoy is extremely important for your business/career/studies and your overall work life.

I believe that society has laid out a very bland structure for us to follow. We have been programmed to loose in many ways, which is sad as we are constantly told to go to school then to attend university then to get a good job, which is classified as becoming an accountant, lawyer, doctor, dentist and so forth. Then if you are successful you are told to buy a house and then plan to have a family, which is excellent and great and fantastic, but some of us follow this system and are not successful. And this is because we are forced to believe this is the ONLY way to succeed in LIFE.

The FUTURE of work in 2017 has changed immensely as people’s attitudes are changing and we all want to pursue our passions and interests and we want to do everything possible to find this out and follow what our true calling is. As many of us are living very unhappy lives as following what the society and the media has dictated to us is not correct. I believe and have realised that you cannot force something that is not aligned with your lifestyle and belief system.

As creating SUCCESS is a much more interesting process

The lifestyle you live and create has a lot more to it…. especially cultivating happiness, amazing results, excellent relationships and feeling renowned and proud of who you are and what you do. When you don’t feel sad to work long hours or 6 days per week is when you have created the lifestyle you have always wanted as you are living and creating what you have always wanted.

In order to live the Lifestyle you want their are a few elements that you need to realise and focus on and this incorporates the following listed below: -

  • VISION — Who do you want to become? — What are the qualities you need to develop to become what you want to be like? What is your DREAM? What home do you want to have and create? What type of work do you want to contribute to the world? What type of relationships do you want to create? What type of person do you want to BECOME?
  • BELIEVE — Believe in yourself and your ability to figure things out. Having Energy, Focus, Resources and Belief to create what you want is extremely powerful. In order to go through this can be a struggle and it is a tough journey, but when you figure things out you gain competency and you feel happy.
  • FUN — It is so important to have fun on your journey of life even if its tough and difficult as we do face objections daily and difficulties, but its how we deal with them emotionally and mentally.
  • PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE — If you obtain the patience and the allowance to allow time to materialise what you want to achieve this is a great attribute to follow through with. We know the journey is a struggle but that is what makes it more joyful to know what the results will be at the end -
Just ‘SEE IT, LIVE IT, ACHIEVE IT’ — The persistent ACTION is what gets us ahead towards our DREAMS!
  • LOVE AND RESPECT — Loving others and respecting the people around you is critical to our legacy and success. The most important element is to allow people to follow their own intuition and vision and make it an area of mastery to others who are in the same game, same sector and same industry. When you love the people around you it makes everything easier and more harmonious to do what you want.

In order to get to your ultimate goals we must PLAN, FOCUS and CREATE the pathway we want to follow. We could be living a horribly miserable lifestyle in our careers, studies or life in general for many years.

WHY? Because we can become living on Auto pilot mode, which is dangerous and can really make you feel strange. This lifestyle mode happened to me over 2 years ago. I was not aware or present of what I was doing, but just running every day without having a clear focus of diligence of my own self. I succeeded and achieved excellent results at work, but I wasn’t ok as a person and I didn’t know until I took a gap to volunteer in Africa to Teach English for Save the children.

When we are on Autopilot mode we are saying and doing the same thing automatically as everything becomes repetitive and a routine and we don’t have any time to think for ourselves at anytime during the day. I would say PAY ATTENTION, MEDITATE, TAKE TIME BETWEEN TASKS AND ENSURE YOU ARE NOT WORKING LIKE A ROBOT, BECAUSE I WAS AT ONE POINT. We then become not present and aware of our own talent and vision. Auto pilot mode is activated when you do things monotonously and you do not serve your purpose.

Example: Working 13 hours per day, 6 days per week and running consistently to achieve results is not a healthy Lifestyle

Auto Pilot Mode — This term means to do something without focusing on it, without thinking about what is happening

The Outcome: When this takes place you end up automatically doing things without thinking — this can happen when driving everyday too. This also causes damage to your mindset, body and soul as you are not aligned with your mind or body. Having awareness is extremely powerful for yourself and for your own well-being to see what is going on around you and inside you.

On the other hand, we sometimes don’t even realise what we are actually living for in this life, which is sad. We have to THINK about what type of Legacy we want to leave behind, what do you want to CONTRIBUTE TO IN THIS LIFE? This comes down to doing the INNER WORK, which is a process of techniques I teach in my work, so reach out to me and CONNECT to find out more to living a more fulfilling lifestyle in your Business and Personal Life.

@The Lifestyle Connoisseur
Follow your INTUITION and Follow your DREAM that you want to CULTIVATE!

Post Written by Zahra Ela @zahra_ela @the_lifestyle_connoisseur