First of all, I’d like to congratulate you’ll for the brilliant concept on The Light Phone 2.
Mohd. Imran

Thank you so much for spending some time with our project and sharing this thoughtful and thorough feedback. I agree completely that a phone with these kinds of features, or tools rather, without the noise and distractions is really needed and missing from the current landscape.

All of these features you list we can see are in the right vein of thinking for our phone and none of them are philosophical contradicting. Our only hesitation in promising some of them is that we are unsure yet how long it will take us to implement them, although we do plan to implement them in due time. The exact functionality like turn by turn voice assist is also TBD, but we do want to include a way to find directions. Our concerns were battery life, but we did increase the battery size since launching, but also our really small screen size for things like notes. WhatsApp would require cooperation from WhatsApp which we are actively pursuing and trying to learn how we can integrate it because we have heard from many users that WhatsApp is primarily how they message and communicate. We cannot simply just build it however without collaborating with them is our current hurdle. Hope that makes sense and eager to share our progress over the next year as we ship and continue to improve the Light Phone II experience. Cheers! Joe

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