Announcing our new Voice-to-Text feature for the Light Phone II.

For a phone designed to be used as little as possible, Voice-to-Text makes it easier to get your message composed, so you can spend even less time on the phone.

The unique e-ink screen is a great complement to…

Smartphones have become normalized into our lives so deeply that it’s easy to forget what life before them was even like. We did not always have mini-computers in our pockets. Nowadays, however, the idea of not having that app that we ABSOLUTELY NEED seems impossible to actually imagine.

Like how…

We are sharing a link to a post from our lead developer on the LightOS about the technical working of the operating system, particular in relation to the e-ink screen of the Light Phone II.

“As far as we know, LightOS is the first operating system built with React Native — this post will serve as a teardown of how the device works, why we chose React Native, and some of the challenges we faced in development.”

view the article below:

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