What is good writing?

Strong, but effective writing is something so many struggle throughout their lives to master. In my opinion the majority of people have this image painted in their minds of what good writing is, that they forget to just write. It is imperative that you write what you feel, but also make sure your points are direct and concise. I read an article that gave insight into the characteristics of good writing. The first point is: clarity. It is extremely important that your article is easily understood, while also remaining relatable to the reader. This goes along with the second point: Organization. If your piece is all over the place, chances are the reader will try to find another similar article elsewhere. An aesthetically pleasing article will automatically spark a reader’s attention; however, you need to keep them interested with your writing as well. Speaking from personal experience, readers want their information as fast as possible; therefore, while sharing your knowledge, it’s best to keep it brief. The third point is: credibility. If you are writing an article with fabricated or false facts, you will lose the reader’s attention instantly. Nobody wants to read something that is not credible. As a quote from the article mentioned above, “accurate research can make or break a writer,” and that is so true. A strong key to good writing is research and being aware of the facts before sharing them with others. Lastly, the greatest key of all in good writing is: grammar. No one will take you seriously if there are several grammatical errors. When grammar is used properly, no matter how simple or complex your article is, it is much more pleasing to the reader. I encourage everyone reading this to take the time to read this article to grasp a better understanding of writing in order to improve your writing in the future.

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