ICON ($ICX) Twitter Reach and Analytics

ICON ($ICX) continues to expand its reach across the world. Technical and social progress is being made daily as the already strong community continues to grow! I was interested to take a deeper look into the tweets about $ICX (which tags the ICX ticker on twitter). I explored the tweets over the past 7 days. I found the results very interesting. They show that ICON has far reach but also compelling in that we need to continue to work to expand ICON globally and to more diverse audiences (gender, age, etc). Fig. 1 shows the associated tags and emojis included with $ICX tweets. It is fitting that #ICONProject and helloiconworld are at the center (larger and closer to the center indicate a higher use).

Fig. 1: Popular associated tags and emojis with $ICX
Fig. 2: $ICX Tweet Demographics

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