Ubik Capital May Contribution Report

It was another good month for ICON as the ecosystem continues to grow! We are humbled to be a part of it and appreciate the strong support of the ICON community!

We typically share what we are doing on our social media channels, but also thought it would be helpful to have everything in one place as well.

Our team focus has been on outreach, community engagement, technical development, education, and of course our core P-Rep responsibilities of running a node and governing. We describe our work for the month of May in each of these categories below:


  1. Launch of new ICON Tracker, ICX Scan. Provides a simple to use interface to see different aspects of P-Reps that are not shown on the main tracker (e.g. vote changes and number voters), as well as the ability to quickly sort by different fields.
  2. Joined ICON Hyperhack as a sponsor of their upcoming hackathon. Agreed to provide $9,000 to the effort in order to help double the hackathon prize pool from $10,000 to $20,000, providing more incentive for the hackathon developers to build and compete.
  3. Began development of Memento DApp, a DApp to store images on the ICON blockchain, taking advantage of the features of blockchain and ICON’s technology. Read more about it here!
  4. ICON Swift tutorial series, to develop ICON DApps using Swift — the native language for over a billions iOS devices. Based on an inquiry and helping someone get started with Swift development for ICON, decided to create a tutorial series that can help others in creating more opportunities for DApp development.
  5. Continued work on our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) R&D project to expand ICON to new industries. Published a detailed paper describing the project, current status, and future plans.


  1. Completed article series providing an overview of IISS 3.0.
  2. Overview article of Twitter reach and analytics for ICX.
  3. Continued sponsorship of ICX Comics, who makes intuitive and easy to understand comics that help provide education of complex topics in the ICON ecosystem.

Community Engagement and Outreach:

  1. ICX Weekly video interview with Geo Dude of ICONbet Community P-Rep, providing a look at the future of ICONbet.
  2. Beta test and review of Reliant Node’s MyICONWallet.
  3. Continued engagement with the ICON community and beyond on Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter.
  4. Multiple members of our team consistently recognized as in the top-10 influencers on Twitter for ICON by Lunarcrush (photo below per May 28th).

Core P-Rep Duties:


  1. Hosted ICON P-Rep Community Meeting
  2. Attended ICON P-Rep Meeting #4

Node Operations:

  1. Continued node operations with top productivity percentage (99.97%), shown below:

We appreciate the strong support of the ICON community is voting for us as a Public Representative! We have taken the community’s strong support and feedback of lowering I-Rep and brought ours down to 13,000. We look forward to continuing to be a part of the growth of the ICON ecosystem. Please let us know if you have any feedback regarding our team, ICON, or anything else.

Please check out our website to see more of our content and give us a follow on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news in the ICON ecosystem and our team!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and the details contained within are subject to change at any time. Not financial advice. Cryptocurrency and blockchain investments are high risk, can incur substantial losses, and are not suitable for everyone. Please consult a professional before considering investment in any cryptocurrency. This article does not encourage or support any specific investments, use of applications or technology, or financial direction. Opinions are my own.

Not financial advice. Opinions are my own. Articles are for informational purposes only and should be verified and validated externally for 100% accuracy.

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