Welcome Corey to Ubik Capital!

We are thrilled to announce Corey Costa is joining our team! Corey is a fellow ICON Ambassador and no stranger to the ICON community. His devotion and passion to the ICON Republic are second to none. In just a short time, Corey has successfully laucnhed a show called the Democratic Chronicles, written 8 high-quality articles on topics related to ICON, moderated P-Rep discussions, tweeted over 5,500 ICON-related tweets, and participated daily in ICON-related discussions with the community. The Democratic Chronicles has helped to dive further into details of ICON, as well as expanding it to new audiences and potential investors in ICON. The show boasts guests such as Ricky Dodds, Dr. ICON, RHIZOME, ICONation, Crypto Lark, Crypto Beadles, and Joe Blackburn of CCT. Corey also recently announced he is heading the first-ever ICON meetup in New York City later this year.

As part of Ubik Capital, Corey will continue to be an example ICONist and push for growth of the ICON ecosystem. We look forward to continued releases of quality content in different mediums to those in and outside the ICON ecosystem, as we continue to grow the ICON Republic together!

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