“Chair Work”, 14x17, pastel on paper, 2018, Cate McNider

“That’s the thing FM used to say, ‘What we’re doing is interfering in a person’s sense of security — what we’re giving them is something much more secure, but they can’t feel it so they don’t know it yet. They will in time. That’s the thing you’ve got to be aware of — how frightening it is to have these tension patterns we’ve built up as our security taken away from us. That’s why it’s got to be gentle and gradual, not too much, because it’s frightening.”

~Marjory Barlow: An Examined Life (pg 156)

It can be scary: Letting go, shifting your inner paradigm and allowing yourself to be guided by a professional AT teacher toward a new experience. It means looking in the mirror and realizing that what you see, doesn’t match up with what you feel. However, this ‘gap’ in perception is what it takes awaken you to your faulty sensory perception, or ‘debauched kinesthesia.’

So how did this happen? It wasn’t an overnight thing — mental attitudes write themselves into the body over many years. You don’t realize you’re still wearing the body of a shy and tense teenager when you’re 35 and trying to get the lead in a play!

So, over time and through different ‘lessons,’ we unlearn old habits and reach a new moment with new thinking. This revelation inserts a new experience in the nervous system, and it overrides the old imprinting. It’s a practice that brings awareness and rewards. Gradually, the experience of lightness, spaciousness and ease supersedes the fears of letting go, and a new trust accrues in yourself.

Allowing creates trust.

Curiosity supersedes fear.

Awareness replaces pain.

It’s a process of pleasure, reward and fulfillment.