Using the Learning

Acquiring knowledge is one thing. Using the knowledge acquired is another.

When I talk about Alexander Technique, I describe it as a set of principles that will change your bodymind for the better. . .when those learnings are used to revise your daily habits. It’s not difficult, but it does take conscious practice, and the benefits are truly wonderful.

The key principles — awareness, inhibition and direction — will awaken a natural and organic response to the new information. Think of a time when, as children, we used to marvel at a brightly colored toy: We were curious, impressed, happy. It evoked wonder and joy. It was a natural response to external stimuli.

Eventually, when we learned words and we started walking, the real choices began. That’s when the questions came: What do I want, and what do I have to do to get it? (Sounds cynical, but that’s how the mind works.) We saw that crying got us attention, and that got us what we wanted or maybe something even better. We knew we had to look outside ourselves to get our needs satisfied.

Fast forward: As adults, pain is what gets our attention now. The accumulation of stored negative habits run our lives.

But with intelligence — true use of true knowledge — we can turn from the outside and focus inward to see what we’re doing that causes pain. We can see how our movement patterns and mental patterns have blocked our once-native curiosity; based on old habits, we think we know and don’t bother to learn. We run at minimum capacity, and our batteries play the same tapes over and over.

We need to delete old habits and make space for more. It’s time for some unlearning and non-doing!

This is how learning Alexander Technique from a qualified teacher will help you re-pattern and re-mind you of your original self. It’s time to let the awareness of what you’re doing rise within you. Then, inhibit old habits to allow new moment and better choices. Then, direct the nervous system to “allow your neck to be free, to allow your head to go forward and up to allow your spine to lengthen and your back to widen.”

The principles are simple, but used right they undo the blocks within you, so your energy can flow more freely. You realize you feel lighter and less attached to what you used to do, and get more curious about good things are coming your way. You’re letting yourself change.

You do your ‘lie downs’ in between lessons, to work with yourself using the principles, you see movement and improvement happening in the use of your self. You notice a host of results: giving yourself more time to accomplish a task, you don’t automatically react negatively, you bend down to pick something up, you allow your head to lead and your body to follow, and your hips, knees and ankles to bend naturally. The pain is gone.

It’s an organic process. It blends knowledge with curiosity and good use. And it works to make life better. .