Jenny Boylan: “I’m all done explaining my humanity.”
Jenny Boylan

I’m not trans, but I am disabled. I, too, have recently had to deal with people wondering if my life has value and if the world wouldn’t be better off if me and people like me were just killed off. That, or we are all lazy fakers. How do you convince someone you are worthy of your life? How do you convince someone you are worthy of respect and your humanity? Nothing I have tried worked. It wears me down. Is it worth the effort? Most of the time I’d say yes, but after so many failed attempts I start to wonder. Is it my approach? It’s hard not to be angry when someone says you are an abomination not worthy of life.

I’m so glad that many minority communities are so welcoming to other minority groups. It gives me strength knowing I may not be able to defend my own humanity but I can help others in their struggle. And maybe that is the key to all our success. Standing as one.

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