Prediction 2. for UX in 2017 — Any great UX designer understands the importance of conveying and stimulating a sense of trust within a digital product.

Typically, in our modern world every product or process these days has become digitised. From our social interactions, how we store information, education facilities, shopping; Anything that can be made digital, has been made digital.

Our roles involve presenting ways in which you can implement change, displaying an exciting range of opportunities and explaining how getting onboard with this sooner can give you a leading edge with your competitors. But, (there’s always a bleeding but!) change requires trust and that’s not always easy to build when you have surfacing tech and ever growing concerns over security and data theft.

Trust is important for businesses emerging digitally, such as a supermarket, where there is no longer social interaction when purchasing goods. If your customers do not trust a brand they will not convert, generally through fears of security, lack of guarantees and concerns of data privacy.

This year should be the year that we hone our skills and become confident in ways that we can create better trust between eerie customers and digital products. If you are open to developing your skills then try to get involved with areas such as; projects in data confidence, IT risk and resilience, company transformation confidence, business systems control and cyber security. Google the phrase for a further read: ‘ — digital trust’.

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