An open letter to the most amazing person I know

The dictionary defines the word “amazing” as: causing great surprise or wonder, very impressive, astonishing.

When I hear these words, a lot of people’s images crawl into my mind, a lot of stories make their way to my head but there’s one person who I don’t think about too often, but is someone who never fails to amaze me.

I’ve learnt that it’s only when you know someone inside out, can you judge or rather have an opinion about them.

Here goes,

It’s been quiet some time since we’ve known each other, almost an entire lifetime, and the good thing is that there’s no room to hide anything from each other.

The sharing is mutual and I’m glad. It amazes me how much you’ve grown, not just in age and size (yes you’re fat. And I know you don’t care), but also in maturity.

I know there have been times where nothing made sense, where you felt like there was a full-stop instead of an ampersand, but you hopped on the full-stop and moved on.

I’m really amazed by how you know now to take care of yourself and others. Independent you, is beautiful.

There are times where you’ve lost faith in a lot of things, when certain circumstances changed your entire belief system.

I thought you’d break and crumble. But you didn’t even fumble.

You’ve surprised me time and again.

And I’m glad you’ve been moving forward.

I know this might seem like self-praise. But there’s only one person in this entire universe whom I know inside-out. And that’s yours truly.

I amaze myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And I’m proud of it. Because in the end, nobody else matters.

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