What happens to people like Me?

There are dreamers, writers, leaders, lovers, averages and the good for nothings.

But people like me?

We’re just a plethora of personalities

We fit into each category but don’t belong anywhere.

We don’t have any disorders, we’re perfectly fine but yet have a turmoil, a battle inside everyday.

We aren’t bipolar but we see a different version of ourselves every single day.

We’re the ones who hurt and then hurt.

We look for someone, but then we push them away or vice versa

We don’t need help, we’ve got enough of that

Our past cannot be described

Our present cannot be understood

And our future, cannot be imagined

What happens to people like me?

The ones who fit into each category but don’t belong anywhere?

We’re the ones who’re always there

We’re also the ones who’re always alone

No we’re not a socially awkward lot, we just happen to have nobody.

Everyone wants to help, they’ll stick around, but nobody stays

We’re the hopeful ones

Hope is our lifeline

But what happens to people like me, when all hope is lost?

In the online world, we have 1k Facebook friends. But then what?

We sit in a room, looking for ways and means to vent out

Looking for means to show how we feel.

We are the master of disguise. Even the ones who know us, can’t really see through façade.

We share our feelings, we don’t bottle them up, but what’s the use? Because not everything can be shared.

We aren’t victims, we’re not culprits, we aren’t bullies nor are we bullied.

We’re the ones who fit into each of those categories but don’t belong anywhere.

We aren’t the brightest of minds or the dimmed ones.

We’re good at what we do, but we don’t always do.

What happens to people like me?

We don’t need your opinion but we crave for validation.

We don’t like attention but we like the spotlight.

We’re the suckers for love and also suckers for pain.

You know what happens to people like me?

The ones who fit into categories but don’t belong anywhere?


We look for places to blend in and then end up standing out.

Because we are a paradox.