love entertaining the idea of all of us doing something entirely different with money than we have done for the past 2000 years at least.
We are at a point and time in human history where we definitely need to think differently; and we…
Amber Lisa

Actually, it would be nice if we could go back to doing something with money more like we did before 1972. Or better yet, before the Bretton Woods agreement of 1945. Even better, let’s go back to how we used money before the ideas of the Jekyll Island Club came to fruition in 1907.

These things have created abstractions of monetary systems that help the global wealth inequality that we have today. “Money”, before these modern systems, was simply any name for a store of value, or “savings”. Savings are important, because it means things like having food in the pantry, chopped wood for the fireplace, and a change of clothes when they are needed. That means you don’t have to spend every day foraging and hunting for food and shelter.

But money today doesn’t really work that way. Instead, it’s a store of debt. The Federal Reserve creates debt for banks, which keep 10% and create debt for business, which creates debt in promises to pay suppliers and workers, who use that to pay their revolving credit and mortgage debt.

“The way we use money” has changed dramatically in recent years. You only have to go back 100 years or so to see very different systems.

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