What a presumptuous statement to make.
Nature of the beat

Again, you’re viewing history through a comfortable lens of modernity. Life in the 18th and 19th century was not like life today it was all brutal, it was rough. You fought for a piece of ground, with your family and neighbors, or you died.

I won’t stand with oppressors, and I won’t defend the “celebration” of those who wished to preserve it. Just the opposite.

But, no, I don’t think the erasure movement is a strawman, it is coming, people are demanding it.

I see the whole issue as a school play in any case, orchestrated by the oligarchs that control our country. They want us embroiled in fighting and animosity because it serves their interest. People beat each other and foment hatred over symbols, while the establishment is continuing to brutalize people in other countries, and robbing the poor and middle class in America of what little they have left to retain their control.

Yes, I blame the politicians for this violence. What happened in Charlottesville was orchestrated for a purpose.

monumental graffiti
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