I remember Alexander Dubcek.
Susan Montague

All I see the press talking about is RussiaRussiaRussia, Hillary lost because Russia, warmongers are given all the air time: “Assad needs to go, we need regime change, military buildup on Russia’s border.”

The President is right to call them out on their bullshit.

You know what threatens the press? The control of the MSM by the pharmaceutical industry and corporate interests, and their reliance on deep-state leakers that give them false information that they report as fact. Comey even testified about the false New York Times stories. They promote war propaganda at the behest of corporate interests and warmongers like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, James Clapper, and all their lackeys.

“Journalists” like Allen Ishac are their own worst enemy.

They can keep this crap up all they want, but if they do, they will simply become irrelevant because no one will listen to them.