Working in IT, I am so often confronted with needless jargon, eliminating it has become something…
Andrew Sherrod

Architecting is NOT the same thing as building, and while it may sometimes mean designing, based on the context, it isn’t always.

If you’re communicating to business about your activities, it may be better to use a simpler word, but not when communicating among IT professionals, who should know the difference.

I have to wonder where in IT you must work, to think that “building” is equivalent to coding or constructing. It’s not. You code, then you build. If your build fails, it fails, you have more work to do. Architecting can be logical (describing the business requirements), or physical (selecting the technologies to be used in constructing the system). You NEED this activity to happen, for a large system, before you start constructing and coding your solution.

Maybe you’re “in IT” as a customer liaison or something, in which case your viewpoint make sense. If you’re actually involved in significant development project work, I feel sorry for the developers and system admins that work with you.