I watched the hearing yesterday.
Carol Larochelle

But drinking water should be at the top of the priority list for the EPA, but it’s not. Instead, they waste money on non-pollution issues such as CO2 and sediment in streams. SEDIMENT! Dirt. Guess what — there’s dirt in streams. It’s really easy to filter out, too. But that’s what they are spending their money battling.

How much of our tax dollars do we need to devote to trying to control the climate? Estimates are in the trillions of dollars just to have a 1/2 a degree impact over 100 years. And that’s making a lot of assumptions. Lead in DRINKING water? Removing that before it’s pumped into homes has been done, the technology is proven, and funding it is doable. If the EPA could stop spending so much tilting at windmills…

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