“Liberals have already turned him into a white supremacist, racist, Hitlerian, mean, evil, satanist…
Thom Dunn

Flynn only “spoke” with Russian operatives, not that he was paid millions of dollars by the Russian government which he failed to disclose.

You’re WAY off base, here. There was no “millions of dollars” at all. There are 2 payments at issue: About $500,000 for lobbying for Turkey. Those payments came from Inovo BV, a Dutch consulting firm, to Flynn’s consulting company. It should have been disclosed, but it had nothing to do with Russia.

The other payment was a total of $45,000 for speeches. That was not paid by Russia, either, but by an American firm, a speaker’s bureau called Leading Authorities Inc., which is like a placement agency for speakers. RT paid Leading Authorities to secure speakers for their event, but it was Leading Authorities that sent Flynn the check. So Flynn didn’t lie about that payment from 2015 — it really did come from an American company.