I agree on streaming services take on TV.
Thomas Grota

I assume you mean a “Pyrrhic” victory? If so, I don’t think you’re using it right, since Netflix isn’t really suffering losses by beating TV. And I have to disagree that Amazon / Apple, etc. can do anything to beat Netflix any time soon. I’ve tried Amazon’s Prime and, frankly, their content is anemic - they simply can’t catch up to Netflix. The other services have the same problem as Amazon: All the decent content is pay-per-view. A single TV series on any of those services START at about $15 - that two months of all-you-can-eat on Netflix, with Mom, Dad, and the kids all watching different stuff.

Those services can supplement Netflix content for folks that have cut the cord, but they aren’t going to supplant what Netflix offers for anyone without changing their business model.

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