Sounds like a bunch of Assange propaganda.
Val Broeksmit

I guess you mean he’s a solid criminal, and solidly covers for his political allies and all their dirty, criminal, and immoral enterprises.

Mueller Became Partner At The Law Firm That Represented HSBC: In its 2012 Year In Review, law firm Wilmer Hale indicated the following: “our regulatory, transactional, securities and investigations experience converged in our representation of HSBC in connection with Department of Justice and Senate inquiries.”

Less than one year after leaving the FBI, the “utterly incorruptible” Mueller took a lucrative position as a partner at the same law firm that represented HSBC in 2012, working in the “government investigations practice” section of the firm. Although it’s unknown whether Mueller ever handled HSBC’s matters personally, Wilmer Hale still includes HSBC in its list of “representative clients.” In 2016 alone, profits per partner at Wilmer Hale were $1.81 million.

HSBC was one of the big, obviously crooked deals where Mueller sided with criminal elites and let them off the hook. There were many other egregious activities. The FBI framed Bruce Ivins for an anthrax attack. Justified assassinations of US citizens on US soil, he participated in the greatest ever expansion of mass surveillance, not to mention all the railroading of supposed “terrorist suspects” that the FBI recruited themselves.

What is Mueller’s real goal as “special prosecutor?” It’s to bring in as many of the deep-state criminals as possible to his Secret Grand Jury, and offer them immunity for testifying. Brilliant, isn’t it? Now all the criminals get away with their activities scott-free!

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