Am I The Only Guy Who Hates Hooking Up?
Tom Kuegler

No, you are not alone. Nothing unusual about you at all, it’s perfectly normal, I have plenty of friends that feel the same way.

When I was your age, I did a lot of it (we didn’t call it “hookups” back then). But there was never any question about what was going on. I was up front about just wanting casual sex with nothing beyond friendship attached to it, and all the girls I slept with said they wanted the same thing.

But it was in that environment when found someone I wanted to stick with. Eventually we were married and had kids and that was wonderful! Monogamy suited me just fine, and I never felt the need or desire to stray.

Now the kids are grown and our relationship has ended (although we are still good friends), things look a lot different to me. There seems to be a lack of women my age that are interested in casual sex. And being short, old, and bald doesn’t attract the younger women that are. Ah, well! Getting used to celibacy shouldn’t be so hard. Gives me more time to write.

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