The DNC is NOT a CAMPAIGN. The DNC is NOT the Clinton Campaign.
Brylar Foustark

It highlighted she was working for the DNC and doing oppo research on the Trump campaign yet no reaction or accusations resulted in accusations of violating election laws against the DNC, her or the Clinton campaign.

Of course not. The deluded establishment wasn’t trying to impeach anyone for “collusion” or “obstruction” or any crazy thing they could come up with. WHY would the MSM make a “big deal” of it — most of them were working with the Clinton and the DNC anyway.

But, you know, keep claiming false equivalencies, and ignoring the whole pay-to-play schemes and illicit trade run by the Clinton foundation, Podesta, and the corrupt deep state.

The fact you called it the “DNC CAMPAIGN” proves you do not know politics 101.

Perhaps I should have said “the DNC’s campaigning”, because they certainly did that. The RNC and DNC always do campaigning for their nominated candidates. I have DONE it for these organizations. To claim they just hang out and aren’t involved in the campaigns is bullshit.

I never said Chalupa was not a US citizen — this is just one of your straw man arguments. You’re arguing against your own statements, not anything I said. She was working for the DNC, with the purpose of helping get Clinton elected, and was colluding with officials of a foreign government to obtain opposition research. That is the fact that you refuse to acknowledge, and by your own standard, it’s clearly illegal and she and anyone else involved should be indicted and convicted. That was your position.

Have you backed off on that statement, or are you just going to try to move the goalposts again to provide some narrow exception that leaves the DNC and the Clinton campaign free and clear but somehow proves Trump should be impeached? Because that’s all you care about, right? Getting Trump impeached. Because #RussiaGate, right?

It was your assertion that laws were broken, not mine. And the vast majority of election law attorneys agree with me.

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