So, they picked garbage from 4Chan?
Jane Doe, programmer

So, they picked garbage from 4Chan?

They didn’t “pick” anything. The leak was reported by others before Wikileaks ever Tweeted about it. How is that different from Tweeting about garbage on WaPo? Please enlighten me.

The DNC leak was reposted from a R*ussian service (but, sure, that time the reposting was denied).

WHAT?!? Where are you getting this from? You must be absorbing some propaganda from somewhere. Wikileaks never said where they got the leaked DNC documents. It looks like it could have come directly from Seth Rich. There is no evidence that it came from any “R*ussian service.” (What’s with all the *’s in your post? Freaky).

Since when do they need to post anything found on the internet, unverified?

When do YOU? When does ANYONE? They are, in fact, a news source. That’s what news sources do. Have you looked at their Twitter feed at all? Do you have any idea how Twitter and hyperlinks work? Are you completely unfamiliar with the Internet?

Wikileaks was actually the first to report that the #Macronleaks had Cryllic metadata in them. Were they telling on themselves? NO! They were analyzing the leaks and REPORTING on it.

Whatever scenario you take, you can’t bypass the fact that W*ikileaks was the major source spreading the link.

Incorrect. 4Chan was the major source spreading the link. The next to pick up the story was BuzzFeed News France. Fourteen minutes after the Friday leaks on 4chan, at 19:49 BST, Jack Posobiec, a journalist who writes for far-right Canadian outlet Rebel Media, posted a link to the thread to Twitter using the hashtag #MacronLeaks. Several accounts that specialise in political messaging, in this case linked to the US “alt-right” movement, shared Posobiec’s tweet. The leaks then began being shared by well-known National Front accounts, this time in French. Around 47,000 tweets were posted in three hours and the hashtag #MacronLeaks began to trend in France. At that point, Wikileaks tweeted about it themselves.

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