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Talent > Skill. Skills can be developed, talent cannot.

Writing and music and art are things that really require talent if you’re going to make a living at them. And I think that was the point. Trying to work at something, develop enough skill that you can create something valued by others, might be possible if you have no talent for it. But even if you achieve it, that will be a long, frustrating path leading to nothing but mediocrity.

Instead, find something that you have a true talent for, and develop THAT skill. You can still do what you love, for yourself, and be happy with it. Treat it as a hobby or a past time, but avoid it as a vocation.

I have some skill as a musician, playing guitar and violin. It’s something that I’ve worked hard at. But, I have no talent. My ear is so bad I can’t even find chords to follow a piece I’m hearing. But I learned to memorize chords and chord progressions, and can play respectable when I already know where things are and where they fit. Talented musicians can follow ME, and we have fun together. But I could never make a living at all doing that, and no amount of practice would get me there. Even if it could, I would be mediocre at best.

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