Who said it was an easy choice?
Nature of the beat

That was my point, that today everyone wants to define him by that one act. And they have. People want everything to be good or evil and define everything in those terms. It’s sad. Think about the worst thing you have ever done, and that is your legacy forever, the only thing anyone will remember you for, and nothing else you do will matter.

I don’t disagree with you about the monuments. But no one is proposing new statues of confederates, or naming new schools after them (not sure what that reference is about), in fact the Harry F. Byrd school was recently renamed. It was a affront to the students there to attend a school honoring a segregationist.

Removing the statues is another matter. Sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it doesn’t, and becomes very disruptive and expensive for taxpayers. The process of removing these reminders of history, of course, will accelerate as it gets going. The movement will demand the removal of each one. Anything that offends will be taken out. It won’t be just a few, or most, it will affect ALL of them. And as we move down that path, there will be something offensive to be found in every historical monument and museum and artifact. It will be chilling as it proceeds.

We should want to learn from history, and continue progress towards better understanding and more inclusive society. Trying to erase the past is not the answer to moving forward. The south was defeated, its land destroyed, its cities burned to the ground. It was rebuilt in the image of the North. Remove all the relics of the past if you want. Maybe it will make you feel better. It won’t make us treat each other better today. We can only do that with peace, and love, and trying to understand each other. Hatred and blame and finger-pointing will not.

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