This is the source of all “toxic masculinity.”
Ken D. Orlich

The future will be feminine or there will be no future.

No, that can’t possibly be right. There can be no feminine without the masculine, just as there can be no light without darkness, no life without death, no yen without yang.

Tell men to be more feminine, and you are asking for dysfunction and psychosis. Shall we resort to chemical castration and pervasive sedation? We have already gone too far resorting to drugging our young boys, to make them more compatible with a feminized education system, and now they are failing to succeed in college.

If you think you live in a patriarchal society, and wish to advocate for a matriarchy instead, then do that, it has been done successfully in the past. But do not feminize the men — that road leads to madness, and the imbalance will surely destroy society and civilization.

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