The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine
Berit Anderson

This article is a good example of propaganda and fake news. Just notice the way it uses trigger words. First, there is really nothing that exists that is actually AI, and there is very little relationship between advertising messages (even targeted ones) and actual behavior of people exposed to those messages. Yet the starting premise of the article is that those things actually exist.

Then it goes on to establish the credentials of those promoting these ideas for an appeal to authority. There is very little presented in the way of actual facts. Even the colorful chart, with little explanation, presents nothing but nonsense. And it’s really nothing but statistics based on data gathering, and some supposed analytical algorithm. Where is the evidence that even this nonsense has been validated against reality?

Then with these unexamined premises, the article goes on to describe this obscure group’s behavior. It’s “frightening”, spreading “fake news” and “propaganda”. It’s “weaponized” “bots” “manipulating” people “suppressing votes”, with “dark” posts, working “aggressively” with the “right-wing”, to “hijack” media. They “prey” on you and “change your behavior”.

Oh, no! These tyrants are using the Internet to change your behavior! Be afraid!

Propaganda and fake news if I ever seen it.

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