We have always been at war with Eastasia.
Michael Arnovitz


Then again, maybe, just maybe, it has nothing to do with “conservatives” (which you didn’t really define, instead you pick some people and called them conservatives at times, then picked different people to call THEM conservatives at other times. It’s no wonder you make them seem schizophrenic, since you’re not talking about the same groups of people but different groups).

Maybe, instead, it’s about the establishment and the rank-and-file.

Americans are tired of war. They are tired of lies. They are tired of being told they are the problem and the elites are going to keep doing the same things they have been doing only more of it, and that’s going to somehow make things better.

And when someone comes along clearly hated by every representative of that lying, elitist, controlling group of people with nothing by contempt for you, then that’s who you’re going to support. Because blow back.

Mitt Romney, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, ABC “news”, Jeb Bush, Maro Rubio. These folks are all part of the SAME GROUP. And, yes, to the people that voted for Trump, they are all the enemy. And they were all promoting war with Russia. Most of them still are.

Globalism, interventionism and regime change, the petro-dollar, powerful bureaucracies and rule by academic theorists are the ones that lost the election.

Since you can’t get over your myopic left/right prism through which you see the world, you’ll never understand the changes that allowed Brexit and Trump to prevail over vision of the wealthy intelligentsia, and you will continue to write this kind of ignorant “analysis”.

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