All this is different now with Artificial Intelligence.
Perry Brissette

We do not have AI. Sure, a lot of folks in the techbrosphere like to talk about “AI”, but they’re just referring to some bots that can do fast lookup, parsing, and speech recognition. But it’s not AI, it’s just some dumb algorithms.

Siri: NOT AI.

Echo (and Alexa): NOT AI.

Google things: NOT AI.

Watson: NOT AI (and it’s probably the closest commercial product that those in the techbrosphere want to call “AI”).

Nobody has actually AI. Not even close.

Watson can search through a lot of data and navigate a decision tree of candidate answers really fast. But it’s nothing close to human intelligence. It just does some fuzzy math.

You know what these search bots can do well? Ones with the capabilities of something like a Watson would be really good replacing business executives. C-level executives, who really don’t do much for companies other than look at some analytics produced by computers and make decisions based on them. Get rid of those useless and overpaid executives and replace THEM with the bots.

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