Let’s be clear about a couple of points here.
Nature of the beat

It says there was nothing wrong with celebrating what these things represented then and now, and the war that surrounded and was caused by those ideas. THAT is revisionist history.

Well, that may be what they say to you. What they say to me is “look how far we have come.” You claim to have visited many historical sites and museums, but you don’t seem to have learned anything from them. You want to look at the past through a lens of modernity.

So, you’re right, they are not doing any good, they are causing these toxic feelings, best to remove them all entirely. I just don’t know what to replace them with. There are so few. MLK and other civil rights leaders would be a good start.

Erasure will cause forgetfulness, forgetfulness leads to repeating mistakes.

I won’t stand with anyone to defend those monuments. The brutality of the war, and of slavery and the times, leaves us with no one to take lessons from as all of them were brutal killers. Our leaders of today are no less warmongers, they just have better tools and take out their bloodlust on foreign soil.

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