Collaborations Are Just Adult School Projects

To think, we all hated group projects in school.

Hey, don’t say you didn’t! It was always so hard to really trust another student to do their part of the work. 
Then there was always that overachiever who cared so much about the grade that they secretly did the whole project themselves 

I had my first collaboration this weekend… &&& it was ahhhmazing.

This has been on my list of things I’ve wanted to do for the last year or two but I wasn’t even sure how to do it. 
Ever since I started visualizing my photography ‘thing’ becoming something, I knewww I wanted to do a styled/collab piece.

School projects were always based on a curriculum that was already set out before you and it was boring. School knowledge tends to be boring, and in today’s age, not so relevant.

College projects, granted you were in your degree, made more sense and (in my opinion) more enjoyable because it WAS relevant.

My advertising classes, we literally made (‘pretended’) to create proposals of advertising campaign with budgets and creative pieces. It was fun!
Then graduation came and the dream of working at an advertising agency dies and you end up living your life completely differently.

I enjoy creating. Plain and simple.
Maybe to plain and simple.

Either way, this Sunday gave me a glimpse into something I didn’t know I was looking for. The idea has been formulating and it’s been right at the tip of my tongue. I am finally narrowing in on my niche of photography…


Maybe it’s all the Gossip Girl I’ve been watching… but I feel it beginning to make sense…

I am just so happy fate brought an amazing young woman into my life, with a vision, and she needed a photographer and BAM. We made magic.

We had an adult school project and between proper planning, communication, and just being an awesome human being and SHOWING UP, we made some amazing content and I believe we have created an amazing bond. For women, for entrepreneurship, for artists, for creators.

& with that…
Here are a few photos from this weekends (epiphany-esque) photo-shoot.

Thank you creative gods for these lovely beings you’ve put into my life.

& I am very happy with the images from this exciting day. 
I am finally feeling even more confident with my photographing capabilities. 

about time…