Facing Fears

I pulled up my medium app to write out an idea I was having, and right as it launches, there’s an article about the same thing.

An article written about that darn 4 letter word we all shy away from…


That’s it, fear.

That familiar feeling of the unknown.

The feeling of being afraid, alone, or lost.


I have to admit, I didn’t read the article.. Mainly because I had to make sure I got my thoughts down. But I reckon I can relate & empathize to what that author wrote.

We all experience fears. Often & in different forms, but we all encounter situations that are not ideal.

A challenge.

A change.

A shift away from the plan.

But life is a series of constant change and there’s not enough time in this ONE short life to hold back from the limitless possibilities life has to offer.

Embrace fear !

Face your fears !

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