What The F*ck Do I Write About?

Here I am.
Ready to unleash words onto a blank canvas.

But maybe you’re like me, & you have a passion to share knowledge, experiences, life lessons, or whatever it is that makes you tick. 
But you’re drawing a blank.

Today alone, I’ve started more than a handful of drafts with clever titles, but nothing that resonates or has a powerful or meaningful message comes to mind.

I write boring blogs for work once a month. The titles are given to me, our buyer persona strategically laid out & the necessary keywords provided, all I have to do is create some made up, yet realistic, story line that speaks to our customers. Simple enough right? & besides the procrastination factor, it is relatively simple

Now this, writing my own words around subjects that interest me? I just can’t seem to make sense of my thoughts. Or put them in any logical order.

Do I write about my struggles? My fears & worries?
Do I write motivational pieces? ‘3 positive mindsets to start the day with’ or ‘5 ways meditation helps motivate me’ ?
Do I write about my passion for photography? The equipment I use, favorite locations, & show off my best work?

Just from those options listed above, you would think I have a plan, an idea of where to start. Then the fear & the doubt kicks in & it completely derails my confidence.

The mindset starts off with, who will care? Who would read? Who am I to think that I have an opinion on this subject matter?

Ugh, all of those self-doubting thoughts, pushing me in the opposite direction.

Then I read a blog, like I did this morning, that sets me straight. It told me to stop comparing myself to other authors.

Much easier said than done.

But it holds so much truth.

Every day, I scroll through my various feeds; Facebook, Instagram, Medium, whatever it is, & I compare myself.

What if today, instead of scrolling, I replaced that time with typing. 
Becoming part of the conversation.

There are so many silent voices out there. The confused. The unsure.

There are so many people out there, just. like. me.

So today, I don’t give a fuck where I start. 
Here I am today. 
& sharing.

You can do it to. All you have to do is start.
You don’t know what the fuck to write about? 
Just start fucking writing.

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