Tackling New Things, One Fall at a Time

It has taken me almost two years of talking about getting a website launched. Nothing special, almost seems like everyone and their grandmother is doing this lately. After watching numerous Gary Vaynerchuk videos and other influencers, something did finally snap in me. Maybe I’m stubborn maybe I’ve been too comfortable, but one thing I now repeat constantly to myself is “Regret is poison.”

Naturally I gravitated towards anything relating to analytics. I’ve been working with analytics for around 5 years. I’ve learned a vast amount of information and experiences that come with understanding how companies, groups, and even singular individuals use analytics and what it means to them. There is still a lot to learn, although I’m quickly finding that in order to journey to continue to learn and expand my reach to help people I have to learn many other things to push me forward.

That’s where this blog comes into play…I want to share my experiences as I go through them and along with adding in my past learning curves. This by no means is anything new, but if I can share something that will help others learn from my mistakes or my first time luck, then I will accomplish my goal.

I want to add commentary and really dive in deep. This might not happen every time, although I want to challenge myself to really become more aware during this process.

Now what the hell am I building? I need to work on creativity with building products. I’m starting off with learning how to build a damn website. I finally decided to try out Blue Host for hosting the website. Now is design and build. The next few blog posts will hopefully involve me not going too nuts and being able to have something to share!